• Have you lost someone you love and miss the connection you had?
  • Do you feel like your life has a hole/void/emptiness now?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by sadness and grief?
  • Are there things you wish you had said or asked before they passed?
  • Would you like to discover a lasting connection with your departed loved one so you can carry it forward through your life?
  • Are you ready to step out of grief and move forward into creating a new life for yourself?
  • Are you ready to get back some joy . . . but don’t know how?

Every loss is unique and every grief is unique. You might be feeling that no one could possibly understand the pain and loss you’re feeling. And you’re probably right! No one understands exactly how you’re feeling. You might even feel annoyed when someone responds to your loss with “I know what you’re going through. I lost my [husband/child/mother/father/grandparent/friend/loved one] too.” There are so many things that well-meaning people say when you’re grieving that do not help and sometimes even hurt.

What would it be like to be supported by someone who understands the uniqueness of your grief?

Only you know when you’re ready to take some steps to move beyond your grief. If you’re here, you probably are ready since you’re already seeking.

The good news is that it is possible to recover from your grief and get back some joy in your life. It won’t ever be the same but you can have a new normal, a new way of being that can again be rich and fulfilling. This may seem far away to you right now but it is possible.

What would it take for you to take the first step toward recovering from your grief?

My work is tailored to you and where you are in your grief journey. You can expect to:

  • Get relief from the agony of your grief
  • Release any trauma, shock, guilt, shame, anger, regret, or resentment you might be feeling
  • Release the what-if’s, if-only’s, and coulda/woulda/shoulda’s from your mind, body, and heart
  • Reconnect to your departed loved one in a new way
  • Open up communication with your departed loved one, so that you can say the things you wish you had said, ask the things you want to know, and feel complete with your loved one
  • Start creating purpose and meaning from your loss
  • Restore your inner peace
  • Restore your energy and passion for your life, your work, and all your relationships
  • Be able to envision a joyful future for yourself and then create it

To get an idea of one part of the work we could do together, download the free eBook “Five Ways to Reconnect with your Loved One” by going to the box in the upper right of this page.

Our work will include a combination of grief recovery, connecting with your loved one on the other side, and coaching to help you move into your new life.  How much time we spend in each part is entirely up to you — customized for wherever you are and what you especially want at the time.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

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