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Pat Duran

I’m a very unlikely person to be doing this work.  I spent 36 years working in corporate America and enjoying a 6-figure income. My consulting projects ranged from business process reengineering to visioning to teambuilding.  And I taught Hewlett-Packard’s Consulting Skills Workshop throughout Europe for a couple of years. I loved the variety and the challenge of working with different people and different cultures.


But when my mother died in 2003, everything changed. Somehow, all that business stuff didn’t seem to matter any more. Yes, I still cared about my clients’ wellbeing but I didn’t really care how the company did.  Things that used to be so important to me held little or no meaning any more.

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Pat with her Mother

Pat & her Mom indulging in one of their many shared pleasures

I began searching for ways to relieve my suffering.  I was in traditional grief counseling for a year, in a grief group with both Hospice and another local grief group, and nothing seemed to be giving lasting results.  It was only when I had sessions with mediums that I felt some relief.  I felt close to Mom again, and we could have a conversation.  Since I had studied animal communication and some psychic development previously, and had a belief that we are all psychic, I wanted to be able to learn mediumship so I could bring to others the relief that I felt.  I studied with a number of spiritual teachers and was finally able to talk with Mom on my own.  Glorious!

I started doing sessions for friends and friends of friends.  Then I discovered that I was unsure how to talk with people who were grieving deep losses.  So I got certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist by the Grief Recovery Institute.  I facilitated a grief recovery group and realized that there were other ways to relieve some of the suffering of grief.  I also brought in some of my NLP* techniques (that I had studied back in the 90’s) and EFT** that I had learned from my own therapist, and witnessed amazing results with my clients.


After a while of working with grievers, I realized that, like me, many of them had lost their way in terms of career and life in general.   Since I had spent a good chunk of my business career coaching, and more so since starting a side business doing personal coaching in 1996, I decided to offer the complete package of grief recovery, mediumship, and coaching to move forward with your life.  I don’t know anyone else who offers this unique combination of approaches to help you recover from your grief, rebuild the connection with your loved one, and move forward with your new life.


Given my consulting background, I work with my clients to help them figure out their desired outcomes and then develop a plan to get there.  The plan may vary based on how spiritual a person is, how far along in their grief process she is, and her own personal preferences.  And it can be refreshed with each session based on the progress.  I recognize that every grief is unique and every griever is unique so the program is tailored to you.

I would love to work with you and help you take the steps to recover from your grief, still feel connected to your loved one, and create a life of your own that has joy again.


  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • NLP Health Certified
  • Access ConsciousnessTM Bars Facilitator
  • Licensed in the True PurposeTM method
  • Certified NLP Coach
  • Certified Dream Coach®
  • Certified Too Young To Retire coach
  • EFT
  • Energetic NLP

* NLP = NeuroLinguistic Programming

** EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique