Animal Loss — Godspeed, Cheyanne!

Yesterday was a tough day at my house.  I was on the phone when I heard a knocking at the glass sliding doors.  I looked up to see my roommate, Angie, standing there dripping wet, crying and holding her lifeless kitty Cheyanne in her arms.  She found Cheyanne floating in the pool.  She jumped in (freezing water) and tried to resuscitate her but it didn’t work.  Angie was devastated.

We can’t figure out how she got in the pool.  Angie did see her drinking but she’s done that many times before.  She was a tiny cat with liver disease and had had a seizure before.  I’m guessing that she had a seizure by the side of the pool and slipped in and was too weak to swim.  I also sense that she chose a quick release instead of a long prolonged debilitating demise.

This sudden loss got me thinking about our animal companions and how much their loss impacts us.  For some people, losing an animal companion is worse than losing a human.  I believe that is partly because an animal gives unconditional love.  We don’t have to look our best or be in a good mood or do anything special to gain their love.  We can just be ourselves.  For many people, their animal companions are the only source of unconditional love in their lives.  When you add to that the affection and companionship that so many animals offer, it’s no wonder that our grief over animals is significant.

One of the things that can help is talking with the animal who has passed.  This has universally been an uplifting experience for me and my clients.  No matter how they passed, the animals are always light and unencumbered and joyful.  It brings great comfort to their person to know that they are OK, out of pain, and happy.  And they can hang around us and support us still.

My cat Merlin passed in September last year and he was such a special kitty, a wise old soul, and a healer himself.  He would jump on a massage table and place himself on the spot that needed healing.  Even people who don’t like cats, loved him.  He was also insatiable when it came to affection.  He is now one of my guides and is present in many of my readings.

What has been your experience with losing an animal companion?  What have you found that helped you in your grief?


  1. I had a really hard time when my cat died. He felt like the only one who was consistent in my life. He also died when my sister was taking care of him, so it was all very sudden.

    I never thought about trying to reconnect with my cat. I think it would have been very helpful if I had.

    • Sorry about your loss, Kat. I do think sudden losses are harder on those of us left behind. It’s not too late to talk with him if you’d like. And please know that he is fine. I sense him around you too.