Animal Loss — Godspeed, Cheyanne!

Yesterday was a tough day at my house.  I was on the phone when I heard a knocking at the glass sliding doors.  I looked up to see my roommate, Angie, standing there dripping wet, crying and holding her lifeless kitty Cheyanne in her arms.   [Read more…]

Holiday Traditions

I did something I’ve never done before for Christmas this year.  Now, I’m big on tradition.  I take it so far that I duplicate the side dishes my Mom made on holidays even though I’m not that fond of those particular recipes any more.  So this was a big step for me. [Read more…]

Radio Interview!

On Wednesday I was interviewed by Hollis Polk on about tips for getting through the holidays when you’ve lost someone you love.  Look in the archives for the 12/19/12 show of Your Life, Your Relationship (her show).  One of the tips is to journal.  You can journal about your loved one, their life, your memories of them, or what you’re feeling now.  One special type of journaling that I love to do is called Active Imagination.  It’s like you’re writing the dialog for a play.   [Read more…]