Pet Connection

Pet Loss

For many people the loss of an animal companion can be as difficult or more so than the death of a human.  Some people have experienced unconditional love only from their animal companions.  For those of us who have not had children, our animal companions are the closet we come.  And we housetrain them, teach them, and nurture them much like we would a child.  They are our constant companions, always there waiting for us at home.  Even the notoriously aloof cats can be so affectionate and loving and loyal.

I have had many animal companions in my life and each loss has been unique — some sudden and some long and drawn out.  Personally I prefer having some time to adjust and be with my beloved animals before they pass.

The good news is that our animals can also talk with us from the other side.  And every single time I have talked with a departed animal, he or she is happy, feeling free, and glad to reassure his person.  If you have any doubts, or want to express your love, or just make contact again, schedule a connection session.  They work the same way as human connection sessions.  CLICK HERE for information on how my sessions work.

To schedule a session, go here.  I will contact you to set up a time.