Precognition & Belief

I wrote earlier about my roommate’s sudden loss of her beloved cat Cheyanne.  She shared something afterward that could be useful to others.  When she let Cheyanne out she had a fleeting thought about cats falling into pools.  She dismissed it as a silly thought.  After all, cats are not typically attracted to water and they are so nimble that they wouldn’t fall.  And Cheyanne had been out and around the pool many times before.

Well, if you read the previous post, you know that the very unlikely happened and Cheyanne did indeed wind up in the pool and drowned.  This is not to lay any guilt whatsoever.  I truly believe that Cheyanne chose to go then and if it wasn’t in the pool, she would have found another way.  The interesting point is how often we ignore our feelings or premonitions and dismiss them as silly or coincidental or just too uncomfortable to think about.

One of my friends has had a number of precognitive dreams about people dying, people healing, lost animals being found, etc.  Despite a preponderance of these occurrences, she still believes they are all just coincidences.  As someone who has studied to develop my intuitive skills, I feel sad when I observe someone with such natural talent who dismisses it.

This raises a number of questions for me:

What more could we all do if we opened up to our full capacities?

How can we be more open to discovering and trusting our abilities?

Is there something about precognitive dreams that distinguished them from normal dreams?  (I know that dreams where a departed loved one visits are quite distinguishable from regular dreams.  Is this true of precognitive dreams also?)

My precognitive hits come in waking moments so I don’t know much yet about precognitive dreams.  I’d love to read your comments on this topic.


  1. My partner and I have had many fur kids throughout our nearly 20 years together. All of our fur kids have enjoyed long, and I’d like to believe, happy lives. After our two oldest cats passed after attaining the ripe old ages of 22 and 23 years – both my partner and I could swear we’ve seen ghost kitties flitting about in our house and yard.

    The atmostphere feels fine, just like they’re back for a visit .. and we’re happy to have them.

    • patduran says

      Robin, Sorry for the delay. Still figuring out all this blog and wordpress stuff . . .
      What lucky kitties to have lived so long in a loving home! I believe you’re right about them hanging around you. I get the sense that they really like the smells there. I’ve had clients who literally were tripping over their departed 4-legged family members. Enjoy!

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