Radio Interview!

On Wednesday I was interviewed by Hollis Polk on about tips for getting through the holidays when you’ve lost someone you love.  Look in the archives for the 12/19/12 show of Your Life, Your Relationship (her show).  One of the tips is to journal.  You can journal about your loved one, their life, your memories of them, or what you’re feeling now.  One special type of journaling that I love to do is called Active Imagination.  It’s like you’re writing the dialog for a play.  You write your name and a message you have for your loved one.  Then you write their name and allow whatever comes to you to come, and write it down. Then continue alternating between you and your loved one  So, I might write with my Mom something like:

Pat: Hi, Mom!  I’m missing you this holiday season.

Mom: Hi, Patty.  I know.  We had so many wonderful holidays together.

Pat: I have such fond memories of Christmas growing up.  What’s your favorite Christmas memory?

Mom: Making Christmas cookies with all of you!  What fun we had.

Pat:  That’s one of mine too!  And wrapping packages.

Mom: I must say that isn’t one of mine!  I was so glad when you got old enough to do the wrapping and you actually enjoyed it.

Pat:  Glad to be of service!

And you just continue that way, asking questions or sharing something and seeing what comes to you.  Don’t think about it; just write down what comes. At first it may feel like you’re making it all up.  You’ll get more comfortable with it over time.  If you want to check if you’re making it up, ask a question you can’t know the answer to and see what you get.

It might be your unconscious talking with you or it just might be your loved one from the other side.  Either way, I bet you’ll feel more connected to your loved one.  And isn’t that what really matters?