What to Expect in a Spirited Connections Medium Session

I work differently from most mediums who let the spirit world decide who will show up and then share everything they get from that being.  I believe that when you seek out a medium, you want to connect with a particular person or animal on the other side and have a dialog with them.  It is your love and your invitation that causes me to make a connection.  I am the intermediary, perhaps the interpreter, between the language of earth and the language of the other side.  What I get can vary from pictures to feelings to actual words.  I never know in advance what is going to come through.

We will start the session with setting our intention and your telling me who you want to talk with, what relation they are to you, and when they died.  A picture can be very helpful to me. Then we will do some grounding and clearing and I may take a moment or two of silence.  Then I will ask you to say your loved one’s full name three times.  That is your invitation to them to join us.  I will connect and share whatever first impressions I get.  Then you ask the questions you have. It’s generally better to start with easier ones and lead up to the tougher ones.  Just like in human communication, we build a little rapport before asking tough questions.  They are able to hear you so you can talk directly to them.  I share whatever responses I get and we usually get a dialog going. It’s fine to be emotional and I may tear up along with you.  As we near the end of the session, I’ll ask if you have any last questions and then we will conclude with thanking your loved one and wishing them well on their journey.  Depending on the timing, you may be able to make additional connections.  If you hope to contact multiple loved ones, please let me know up front.

If you are only wanting to test me or get very specific evidence (like a street address or a specific location where grandpa left the will), I am not the best medium for you. Or if you want a rapid-fire monolog from the other side, I am not the best medium for you. But if you want to maintain the emotional connection with your loved one and have a dialog, then we’re a good fit.  My goal is emotional healing, for both you and your loved ones.

To prepare for your session:

1. Think about your intention for the session – what do you want by the end of our time
2. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask your loved one.  We may not get to all of
them but it’s better to have them.
3. Bring (or email if we’re doing a phone session) a picture if possible.
I’m looking forward to our session together and connecting you with your loved ones
Please understand that I have no control over the spirit world so I cannot guarantee that your loved one will show up and be willing or able to communicate.  I can say that it has only happened to me twice.  In the event that I do not connect with your loved one in the first 15 minutes, we will stop the session and there will be no fee.